Comment to 'When contacting a breeder {Rant}'
  • Social Media has really effected the relationship that should be formed between a breeder and a possible owner. Sure, there are some positive aspects like being able to see more dogs, more breeders throughout the world, pages where you can find hundreds, if not thousands of photo's dogs and topics regarding them. But the substance is missing, the people who have the experience and the time behind dogs are disappearing, only to be forgotten, most of the threads turn into fluff full of misinformation.

    Because communication is so easy on social media, buyers do not feel it necessary to send any information or experience about themselves. Most of the time PM's start out with this, "How Much".

    As a breeder, this upsets me greatly. Since I do not sell microwaves. These are living creatures, each very different with specific needs. I do not blanket price my litters, since every pup has it's own qualities. How am I, the breeder to know what YOU the buyer is after? What experience you have within the breed and what lifestyle you will give MY dog with a question like "How Much"?

    I am 100% assure you, that when you contact a breeder with only a few words demanding a price they will give you the GO fly a kite price.

    But... If you take the time, tell us about yourself, if you have kids, other animals, your goals and plans with the dog. You will get a lot further and most likely get a Better price in the process.

    Going from breeder to breeder, down a page on facebook asking "How Much" will not only close doors, but will most likely push you down to the bottom of the barrel on breeders. You'll get a "deal" of a lifetime, which includes the years of medical needs and very little support from the breeder, since no relationship was made.


    Communication and honesty is key, but you have to give a little in order to receive it. 

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