Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • May I ask which part of my opinion I do lack of realism or objectivity? Have you ever worked with a rescue LGD? It takes time and hard work to get them behave civil - depending of course of their background, what they have went through. This stands for every animal - also for humans, but is more important question with breeds like these. My Little Diva has quite rough background and I am not sure if she ever will be "a normal CAO", she probably will be a nice and reliable family dog, but difficult to have among strangers. Her experiences of humans in her first months has made her suspicious probably for rest of her life. When she attacked the chimney-sweep, she could not understand the situation. In her eyes it was a strange man climbing down from the roof. It was my fault that I had not checked our backdoor - it was not orderly closed and locked. And about the bitch who flew through the window glasses, as said, she had never met our adult son before - so for her he was just a strange man trying to enter inside the house without permission in the middle of a night. She could not know that it was a member of the stock. You have to realize that dogs can not read your thoughts or guess who is who if they are not introduced. And about the males behavior - if you read what I wrote, you should realize that it was the bloke who behaved irrationally. My dog just tried to protect me against an attack. He could not know the intentions of the bloke - yet I neither did. Something I have to correct, I am a psychotherapist. I am not specialized on animals - although I do have worked also with rescue animals with behavior problems during almost three decades.
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