Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • As said, I never expected the bloke attack against me and my dog. He is a peaceful neighbor, but happened to be drunk that night. Nothing I did expect, I was just collecting my mail. If it had been a really situation, I had been happy to have a dog who protect me against a attacker. Unfortunately, my dog weights about 25 kg more than me and I flew as a leaf after the dog when he went off. As said, I did not expect this happen because the bloke was acquaintance and never before behaved imminent against me or our dogs. You see, we do live in the middle of nothing and usually do know almost every passer-by. And about the incident with the bitch and our son. It happened in the middle of a night - we were sleeping! Likewise it could have been a burglar, and we had been thanking the dog for protecting. During that time she had been living just about ten weeks in our house. She really did not know better. And no, she had not behaved like that before and not even after that incident. And about my Little Diva - the only one who is to blame is me, there is no excuse. I had not checked every door in our house - and she is a clever girl. But to refer to the original subject - I have tried to explain why I would never train these dogs to bite work, because their independent decision making and strong protecting instincts. Despite the continuous daily training, I do not believe that I ever will be able to beat the very primitive instinct to protect the herd. As before mentioned, I would prefer to have the decision making, but it would be dangerous to believe that in artificial trained command would matter in every situation. It is a bit like with working with big wild predators - you never trust them to be in you command in 100%, you have to consider every eventualities and have eyes on your neck. It is not like for example with trained Rottweilers.
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