Comment to 'Walking the Pack'
Comment to Walking the Pack
  • [quote=Paco] In thios case he's using compulsion, mental and physical cruelty and shows his true ineptitude as a dog trainer.[/quote] Paco, I don't know which one of the episodes you are referring to, but all of the ones I've seen the dogs start out afraid of the treadmill and then they love it! In all the episodes that I've watched all the dogs seem much more content when being exercised than before! Also, you say he is inept as a dog trainer but then again I don't see him "training" the dogs as he is not a trainer. Regardless, I've met many trainers in FR, PP, and competitive obedience as well as animal behaviorists and none of them have the natural ability that he appears to have. Paco, please show us a video of you and your "pack" of 40 plus dogs that include fighting breeds and that behave so well and seem so happy. I've seen many if not all the episodes and although in some the dogs put on a big show, they end up much better than when they started and the owners and success stories and the show's success are evidence of his proven methods!! Maybe you can start your own show and teach him how it is really done!!! ;))) And by the way, I've seen trainers that are considered "experts" use prong collars and e-collars in ways that in my book are much worse than exercising a dog!! Also, could you please share with us your credentials with regards to dog training etc. I think that it would be fair for all of us to put things in perspective. Thanks, ALV
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