Comment to 'Bandogs made by the cross APBT x Fila Brasileiro'
  • I dont have security cameras to show here my dogs doing what they are supposed to do. Produce a video simulated a real situation could be done by professional trainners , but is not my case .... In my case i have been breeding dogs for real situation, home family , those situation included kids around. My dog are not supposed to bite anyone that jump to my yard like probably yours.... One year ago one of my female stop a thief after he left the house with a TV.THe bitch jump and got the thief down and grip his neck and growl when he tryed to scape. The neighborhoods finded my employee and he took the bitch way and the thief survived. So the bitch had done her job for me. Because the thief was a common poor guy from the city without much hope and this life ...and the situation gave to him some advices... This bitch are APBT x Tosa inu and still my best female. Fila Brasileiro, English Bullmastif and Dogue de Bordeaux were breeds famous to do similar work. I have been seen my dogs do the same work when someone stranger came to my farm gate.The dogs didnot allowed people get in. These are good enough to most of situation.I dont need a M16 to defend my self. Natural Guardian behavior its something that i could not built a video to show. After you trainning your dog bite work they will probably kill anyone that invade your yard, right?If is a little kid searching for his ball.... I dont need dog like that.... I am not in WAR here.... But you probably will say that ..have you scientific proove? have you videos showing this ? The farmers here in Brazil have honor and they words value more than a thousand papers... I dont need to justify my hard work detracting the work of you or anyone from this you have been done.
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