Comment to 'Montana: Wolves devastate ranchers’ sheep '
  • "She said officials asked whether the Konens had taken steps to protect livestock from wolves, including electric fencing, dogs, herders or fladry lines, but they declined. Sime said wolves will inevitably return to the area." I remember reading about this big kill when it happened, and reading the above sentence, and saying to myself, now there's a lazy rancher who flunks animal husbandry 101.... I know a lot of people who subscribe to the SSS principle (shoot, shovel, shut up). I am friends with people in MT who avidly believe in shooting wolves, instead of taking measures to prevent them from killing their stock. It will be very interesting for me personally this fall when I go up to MT invited by a conservation co-op, to put on a dog and pony show (ha, literally, as I'll be hauling some of my dogs up in my gooseneck horse trailer!) for ranchers about the use of more rare, less known about LGD breeds as effective LGD's. The gentleman who asked me to do this says he's really got his hands full trying to convince ranchers to even put fladry up. Now I've lived on both sides of this fence being a former cattle rancher/cowboy for years. I know the mentality he's up against. A lot of the blame of course can go to our dear Govt for trying to over-regulate every creature that stirs out there, including wolves. And I know since the introduction of the Canadian Grays in the mid 90's the wolf population has increased, and that a good number of these lobos are 'not your grandpa's wolves' ie they are big buggers.... However, back to the article referenced in the beginning of this thread, when I read something like this, I have no sympathy whatsoever for this rancher who did NOT do enough to protect his flock. Checking on them every three days? No herder? No DOGS????? What? No excuse. I am anxious to see the mindsets up there first hand and the response once they see probably for the first time ever, a Boz, some Spanish Mastiffs, a Kangal, etc. If it will be a waste of my time, or if maybe my presentation about using the right kinds of LGD's IN THE RIGHT NUMBERS....will get through to someone. I guess if even one guy comes away enlightened and smarter and willing to try something new, it will have been worth it. I'll sure report back here how the thing goes.
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