Comment to 'What would be the best LGD for MY situation?'

    Thank you for all your replies!

    So if I do decide on the CO - would you recomend the "aboriginal" type? Like these breeders from Russia? (  ; ) or do you have a kennel you could recomend me? (known for work tho if it looks pretty I don't mind :) ). I can get a dog from Russia or anywhere in Europe.

    Do you perhaps know where to get a good representative (for LGD) of the sharplaninatz

    If I understand correctly - you suggest to get two unrelated dogs both as puppies at the same time? Or wait for the one to grow a bit? I am thinking two dogs but when they are around 8 or 9, get younger ones (and keep the eldery of course :) )

    The term aboriginal is vastly overused these days. Some thinks it is the rustic - non-show type look, some thinks it is the hard temperament of the working dogs of old. The best thought is that it is a combination of both to present a balanced functional dog.  So, the key is to do some research and find the dog from the line or function that suits  your need.  I do have a couple breeders that I will recommend. Consider breeders in Serbia and the Ukraine.

    For the Shar - you can find very solid representatives of the breed that would suit your needs very well.  Look also to Serbia, Croatia - and Italy.  I do know and can recommend some breeders.

    The CO is not typically as presented and will to the best of my knowledge not turn on their owners. I have not heard of a case like that.  They do require some firm handling during development to ensure they know their place in the pack.  We have many discussions about their temperament and development in the forum so you should find some nice reading there.


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