Comment to 'What would be the best LGD for MY situation?'
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    Can you perhaps suggest any breeders in those regions Gsicard (of both breeds)? (I have researched some but I have not (yet) came across a breeder claiming to use the dogs as LGD (only that the breed is used for LGD - but I want a speciment that will guard, cause for example I know that every breeder of Karst shepherd has written how this dogs are LGD and good guard dogs yet I have come to know to many cowardly Karst shepherd from breeders like that!)You can also PM if you do not wish to write the names in the public forum?

    Desiree - I am from SLovenia (country bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia :) ). But as I have said - I am willing to get a puppy from Europe (šarplaninac, CO) or even Russia (CO). But it would be a bit funny to import a european or russian breed from the USA to EU...I know what is needed to import a dog from serbia (and other balkan countries as well as from Russia - it can all be done, I have checked). As said - the main thing is temperament, looks come second.


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