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Endangered Dogs On The Brink Of Extinction

Endangered dogs on the brink

By Emma Beere on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 2:37pm (with permission)

The breeds listed below, are breeds on the edge of extinction. Most of these breeds are localized to their country of origin. Some are recognized by the FCI, but only very recently. Most are still used for what they were bred for. 

Bakerwali Shepherd-Kashmir Approx 700-800 left in the state.

Otterhound-Britain. Approx 600 left worldwide (2012) Also on vulnerable breeds list uk. 

Hygenhund-Norway only 14 puppies registered 2012 Endangered breed. There is a sperm bank for this breed in Norway.

Gotlandstovare-Sweden 19 puppies registered 2012

Serbian shepherd dog-Serbia Recognized by FCI in 2009. Localized breed

Serbian Yellow Hound-Serbia Not recognized by FCI. Endangered breed, Localized.

Jakutian Laika-Siberia, a club was formed to preserve this ancient endangered breed.

Amur Laika- Lesser known type of Laika. Kept in its original form. 

Azawakh- 24 litters in 2011 in Europe. 8 of the 24 born in Germany. Endangered in their country of origin. A blow to the population was an outbreak of rabies recently.

Aryan Molossus/Khurasani Dog (nearly extinct) - Afghanistan

Algerian Mastiff (nearly extinct- less than 100 still exist!) - Algeria

Norsk Elghund Black- Between 90- 150 registered each year in Norway, due to a few dedicated followers, this breed could be saved. There is a sperm bank for this breed.

Norwegian Dunker- Norway, Approx 130-180 born each year. Numbers are dangously low.

Sealyham terrier-UK Sir Alfred Hitchcock owned this breed. 2012 76 puppies registered. Even though increase that year, still endangered worldwide.

Posavski Gonic- Still used as a hunting dog rather than a pet. Not well known outside of Croatia.

 Barak- Bosnia- Rare even in country of origin. Few dedicated breeders are working to keep this breed alive.

Medji-Small breed of Croatia. Localized and virtually unknown outside of country of origin.

Old Croatian Sighthound-Only a few left in Croatia. Unknown outside country of origin.

Srpski Gonic-Serbia, widespread in Serbia, But localized only to this country.

Taiwan dog-Widespread in Japan, But still being monitored. 

Cretan Greyhound-Remains unaltered and unchanged for centuries. 

Bulgarian tricoloured Palash- 34 dogs covered breed standard

Sinhala dog- Sri lanka, awaiting population number. Unknown by some people in Sri lanka.

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