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Dog Gets Help for 88 Year Old Owner

GLENDALE, Calif. — A dog in California was able to summon help after his 88-year-old owner had fallen to the ground and was unable to call for assistance.

Glendale sanitation worker Kirk White thought something was amiss July 10 when Sandy, an 11-year-old dog along his route, was not in his usual place, KTLA reported.

"The way he was barking and he would look to the left like I have something to show you," White told KABC. Read more

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  • You just can't read that without smiling.  :)  I knocked myself out in the woods one day while laying a track for another handler/dog team to follow. My old Shepherd went after the guys & did everything but herd them to where I'd fallen.  This is the way of the dog & it's amazing. 

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    • Amazing is a great word to describe our relationship with dogs. I saw recently where a Muslim Cleric has now approved th hat Muslins can now have dogs in the home. Removing somebody the taboos.

      Expect a huge demand for dogs now also.

      @peepers Thank you for commenting.

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