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?n the whole - development of the breeds go for better or go for worse?
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  • I think some have been for the better and others for the worst. It depends on the breed. I think some breeds have become nonfunctional because of the breeders and the attempt to develop a breed.
    • Too broad of a question
      • Too broad of a question
        • Indeed very large and complex topic. But this is just to see knee-jerk reactions of the majority, frist thought passing people brain. From there and they are satisfied or disappointed of where things are going.
          • Obvious answer- worse.
            The development (or more accurately- evolution) of a type goes for better (in regards to the function that is being adapted to), but once a type is acknowledged as a breed, it's all downhill. Inherently breeds get fans and start getting bred simply because they're "breed x" and there's a market for them, and so whether they're show dogs or not, all breeds suffer the same basic problem, which is "evolving" to be a useless lump of a pet. All breeds, and even all unrecognised breeds that have made a name for themselves.