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How do you feed your dogs?
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  • what do you do?
    • dog do need to eat
      • what does predator mean ? like what the dog kills to eat ??
        • Yes,that is exactly what it means. What would a dog eat if there were still in the wild. They would hunt for their food. They didn't eat grains. Their digestive system does not break down grains because they don't have the teeth to break it down into a usable form. Therefore, the only way they got their nutrition from grains, grass, etc is from the lining of the stomach of the herbivore that it would kill and eat. Once it had been chewed by the herbivore it is then in a form that can be digested by dogs. This is why those that feed Raw (BARF) they use a food processor to turn the grains into a pulp.
        • well i give my dog raw meat but i look to give her the right combinations she needs to get all the nutrition she needs. bones, muscles, organs... and some vegies. this includes stomach aswell.
          • Great!! That is similar to the Predator model. The only difference is in the Predators model the only veggie the dog get is from the content of the stomach of the herbivore it is eating.

            Example: green tripe. This is tripe not for human consumption. It is still green because of the veggie content. It is extremely nutritional for dogs. It smells horrible. But the dogs love it! Tripe found in stores are bleached and robbed of all if beneficial nutrients.

            Dogs get their bone from eating raw chicken, rabbits, duck etc. The harder bone like deer, beef, etc are given to satisfy the dogs needs to chew and to keep their teeth clean and exercise their jaw muscles. They get muscle meat like heart, tongue, etc. You also give them some organ meat like liver, kidneys, etc as they have nutrient that wont be found in other sources without using supplements. But too much organ is not good for a dog.
            • yes i know to much organ food isn't that good either, because organs also store up the bad stuff that are in the animals body, the liver is a good example of this.
              • It is not because it stores up too much bad stuff. The filtering organs like kidneys, liver are great and converting thing to something useful for the species. The problem with too much is too much of certain vitamins becomes poisonous. That is also true in humans. Mega doses of some vitamins will poison us too. With dogs we can tell if it is too much or not enough by inspecting the stool. If it is dry and turns to ash in a couple of day it is perfect. If it is too running or the wrong color we need to adjust what feed. If it is too hard we must adjust how we feed.
              • I feed my dog kibble mixed with chicken.