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Outline vs Timeline - Which is your favorite display of recent events on the home page? I intend to use only one and need your feedback.
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  • Looks like timeline is the favorite so far. I will keep it going for another couple days and then make the switch to the winner.

    Please keep those votes coming.

    • I will switch to timeline now and see how it goes over.  If it not like I can easily switch back.

      • Now I will switch it to Outline for a few days to see your feedback. Please let me know what you think. Outline will look like tiles.

        • Both the Outline and Timeline feeds are on the front page at the same time.  Outline first then as you scroll down you will see timeline. According the the developers the Outline is supposed to be a main feature and the Timeline is on a profile.  Please take a look at both and vote on your preference for our home page feature.  I will remove the other one after a few days.

          • The poll indicated that the timeline is the preferred method of displaying items on the home page so the change has been made.  Try posting to timeline - there are options for links, photos, videos and text.  Git it a try.