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hey everyone :) in my opinion as long as hes happy healthy playful and brave thats it the boerboel the dogo and so on from working line cant be better if u mix them u get ... a dog and nothing else but as i sayd above what counts is this :)

hey charlotte :) the sharpei is pittifull a dog full of sickness the original shar pei is the bone mouth have a pic the western shar pei is a moneymaker from breeders its not social at all and it cant fight back or what ever u want a dog take one from working line :)

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yes specially in russia

funny reason hows the co with heat and can u keep it in a flat ? :)

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if u have some problem with a list dog of any kind u are seen as a criminal with consequences up to 20.000 dollar fines and so on but with a theraphydog nothing can happen you can get a retriever or lab up to 110 pounds muscle and ready to go

besides a lab or retriever has the same psi like a staff or even more and they have the golden thing the will to please i dont need my dog to think or my wife haha i will do the thinking and they do the work :)

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