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Yes sir. Timber wolves are no joke. Serious animals especially in a pack.

Yes, and most likely owner would have multiple dogs patrolling though...

They look like Arabian wolves at about 45 lbs per wolf. It would be a different story if they were Timber wolves 100 to 176 lbs per wolf.

Those wolves must really be hungry to risk it all for a meal 🤔. I don't believe any of my dogs would do that. I don't have a livestock guardian. I believe most of them would have run them off. The one that stayed would have gotten bitten. Grabbed by the neck or whatever they can grab.


@Kevin and Debby Nicholson thanks for sharing this. The wolves don't seem afraid as the one on the ground xontinue eating and the others are trying.

Would be a different story if that male had help from other .

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