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In the video linked below, Dr. Martin Goldstein  one of America’s most renowned veterinarians, a graduate of Cornell University. For more than four decades, Dr. Marty has combined elements of Western medicine with his unique nutritional therapy to improve health and longevity for thousands of pets. Check out his video at this link

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Your profile picture represents you on the site, Your profile picture is also called an Avatar. In order to change or set your profile photo you need to view your profile. While viewing your profile click on the existing photo or icon that represents your profile and in the popup window - Click Change Photo.


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Hello MD Fans. If you have uploaded photos on the old gallery you may find them still online at this link. Photos that were uploaded to the old forums directly are unfortunately not available online anymore. Also there are links to the old album and photos on the Albums and Gallery pages here.

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Oh my gosh. Why did they not interview Kangal owners in their homeland where the dogs are being used for the purpose they were bred.

Listening to these two well-meaning people reminds me of how daft most western dog owners are. However, I don’t blame them - Their information is just not factually correct and is made for the western pet owner.


Hello friends - it is cold in South Texas this weekend. Can you believe the weather guesser is forcasting 9 degrees F?

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Pandora certainly love being up high and playing bbn on this mound.

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Pictured are different stages of the agility equipment being built. I have more jumps and weave poles. I also have a tunnel not pictured. I'm buying a new tunnel and will add a  barrel chute.

Here us a video of BB starting to train. Paul had done a lot more training.  Right now I'm working on building her confidence for the teeter moving underneath her. 


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New year started with a night shift, doesnt matter because we cant go anywhere. So how are you guys doing?
Photos module is working great again. Can view, rate and post comments. 😀
Tim Burleigh
Happy Monday ya'll ~ Hope everyone has a great week! I am happy to see everything is working again. Thx Gary!
Yes, Just hot back front Germany
Thanks Jess - All Good. Welcome Back Des. Lets see those dogs in the snow :)
Tim Burleigh
Hello all, Apparently I've made some new friends! It's been a rather long time since I logged on...life happened as it always does. Hope all of you are doing okay!
Gary Admin
Yes.. life does that to us from time to time. Welcome back!
In South Texas today we have ice on the streets and low temperature of 18 F. Tomorrow will have low of 9 F. Wow, this is very unusual. Now let's have some snow.
Tim Burleigh
Yes it is very unusual
Tim Burleigh
Tim Burleigh
My back patio
Tim Burleigh
That was three hours ago. Probably a little higher now.
Wow = You got some nice snow Tim. We have some too -mostly melted now. Photos coming
Tim Burleigh
Awesome! Looks like the dog is enjoying the snow. We got 14 inches of snow.
14? WOW, WOW. or Bow Wow.. that is awesome. we got 4. AND that plenty for south Texas.
Tim Burleigh
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