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"What is the difference between PSA and PDC?PSA consists of an obedience phase and a protection phase that follows this rulebook. Any dog over 14 months old can compete but must pass an entry level pass-fail test called the PDC to ensure they perform well in obedience and with a protection decoy, before going on to the competitive levels of PSA1 through PSA3.""So let's summarize this series of videos about the comparison of aboriginal and factory CAS puppies:1. Complementary feeding of puppies should be strictly limited, as well as all subsequent food, so that the puppy is always active. It is also necessary to walk puppies starting from the age of two months, gradually increasing the duration of walks depending on the physical condition of the puppy. The puppy should walk freely at the same time. He does not need to be dragged anywhere or forced to go, and if you see that the puppy is tired, then it is necessary to return home and gradually implement an additional load.2. Aboriginal puppies, as we
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Gary, I think I seen you walking 3 CO's on 1 lead in one of your photos. What kind of lead is it and is it manageable with 3 dogs?
"The legislation primarily focuses on helping ensure compensation for victims of dog attacks, and works to further ensure those attacks don’t happen in the future.It requires the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to create a statewide “Dangerous Dog Registry” and requires animal control authorities to provide specified information for inclusion in the database.It additionally mandates the dog owner, who has knowledge of a dog’s dangerous propensities, to “securely confine the dog in a proper enclosure as if the dog had been determined to be dangerous.”It increases the maximum fine for violations of the dangerous dog statute to $1,000, and repeals an exemption for huntin