About Us

Molosserdogs.com is an International Internet Portal for anyone interested in the group of dogs of Molossus origins commonly referred to as Molossers. The site was commissioned in February 2003 and is owned and operated by a family in Texas, USA. The site is monitored by several Administrators whose tasks include ensuring that the content, forum posts, pictures, links and other interactive content are consistent with the intent of site. The forum is monitored by several moderators.

The site owner and administrators reserve the right to ban, restrict, or monitor the activities of any site visitor or member who exhibits disruptive behaviors. This site is not operated in the typical open format where anything goes. Strick discipline is enforced in the forums and comments. The discussions must focus on the issues of the breeds and their geopolitical topics. Do not discuss or argue with members - stay on topic. No personal attacks or name calling will be tolerated. My time is limited and so I will not give warnings.

If you post something in the forum and it’s edited or deleted by an Admin then you need not complain about it. If you post flames or bait they will be deleted and other actions taken. You may contact the site owner using the Contact Us form on the menu. If you have expertise in any particular breed and would like to contribute site contents or moderate a forum, please let us know.