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Keep your sick dog HOME

What a frustrating thing, to do to a dog show with healthy dogs only to bring back what acts like the plague to your kennel. This is what happened to me, I went to our breed Nationals with two dogs in their prime. Both were infected with Canine Influenza, the youngest went down quick. Stopped eating for four days, lethargic, discharge, throwing up/coughing with fever. Four so far have been infected now my matriarch of our kennel is fighting for her life, a senior dog coughing up blood due to some strangers negligence.

Follow protocol and keep dogs home during  and some time after, because you are not only risking your own dogs safety. But everyone else who happens to cross your path. 


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    • Damn. I am sorry that happened to you Jess.  You drove a long way to come back with sick dogs that affected your kennel. 

      I think whomever had the sick dog(s) at the Nationals really did not care about others but wanted to get their ribbons. If they took sick dogs to the Premier Neapolitan Mastiff event in the USA they should be damned shame of themselves.

      Do you know who did it? Lets out them so they think think twice next time.

      Wonder how many other people ended up with sick dogs.  USNMC should have something to say about this.

      • Jess - did your dogs recover from this encounter with sick dogs?

        • Yes, all pulled through and are right as rain now. Thanks for checking. :)

          • That's horrible to put other dogs at risk trying to get a ribbon.

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