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Pics of fila X apbt

I mis spoke. The manson family guys are presa x ab, I believe. I only follow 2 bandogger's programs anymore, so I am out of the loop on most.
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    • So iv been searching pretty hardcore can anyone post some pics of f-1 f-2 gen apbt fila crosses?






        • Nice Looking Dog. Richard
          • No, the MFB guys do not have or have used a Fila x APBT. The dog in question and pictures is TTB's Atilla. He was an accident litter, APBT dam x Fila sire. Phenomenal dog, with an incredible reputation. Please guys, give credit to dogs and owners when using pictures you find on the net, it is polite to do so.
            • I mis spoke. The manson family guys are presa x ab, I believe. I only follow 2 bandogger's programs anymore, so I am out of the loop on most.
              • MFB=Presa x AB, with a little Whopper blood thrown in. Referring to the Fila cross, if you use a Fila bitch, and depending on the APBT line, the results can be quite different.
                • I apollogize for not mentioning the owner of Atila. He is a beauty and has the perfect size in my opinion.
                  • Breeding a male Fila to a female APBT is a not a good idea. Breeding a very large male dog to a much smaller female is never a good idea. It could result in complications with the pregnancy.
                    • Yes it could, but not always. Typically, the female's body will not allow for too much gross difference in the pups than she can handle. Though, like you said there is a risk. More often than not the pups are just smaller, and more like the dam. No worries David, it is just nice to mention who the picture is, and who from. It puts things into context and is just plain polite. The more time I spend on the net, the more I notice that people's manners are slacking. I feel that we should all try a little harder to bring some of this back. :)
                      • You know, I have never seen a bitch have problems having pups because of a size differance between the bitch and the dog. I have seen pups born to a Boxer bitch by a Neo several times, sometimes 60 plus KG differance, a boston Terrier have pups to a Corso, plenty of bull terrier and boxer bitches have pups to Great Danes, English Mastiffs and Bull Mastiffs and a Chi bitch have pups to a large cross bred hunting dog these are the only ones I can think of off the bat where parentage was verifiable by colour or another factor.
                        • Who owns Attila, and does anyone else know of any fila/apbt crosses that have been done?
                          • Attila is owned by TTB Kennels.
                            • I think Attila is the perfect example of a working bulldog/mastiff.
                                • I think this is same dog...anyone have a link to TTB kennels?



                                  • thats the pic i was looking for. saw it somewhere before but cant remember where. nice looking dog.

                                    • I know this is an old thread but these conversations are fairly rare so I am still going to comment.   

                                      I have Fila x APBT crosses by accident....after finding an abandoned dog in the woods in Andalucia , in July...( 30 degrees c at night ) she was in a bad state and very thin.

                                      Short version of the story...she is an APBT and was pounced on while living rough by , the local vets said, working Filas from nearby farming estates....

                                      I kept the four babies....one almost all Fila, a big boy at 40 kg, one almost pure APBT and in chocolate brown.. different to the gold colour to his mum and siblings.

                                      The 2 most fila..boy and girl, plus the other golden boy do not like people or dogs....chocolate brown and his mum are happy to meet anyone in true pitbull friendly fashoin.

                                      All love a row....the girls will pull a bit for one...the boys scratch and pull enough to dig up tarmac on  hot day..

                                      Fila traits ...biggest boy will run while sniffing the path side to side like a bloodhound....3 will stop on top of high ground and survvey for a couple of minutes before running down...they can smell snakes in long grass......realise that horses are frightened of them....and biggest boy, that bark..never heard its equal, really is a weapon in itself as it properly hurts my ears.

                                      Adding these pics for anyone who is still interested...like i said this is an old thread..


                                      • Nice looking dog

                                        • Tony's program is actually called Krunch Kennels. 

                                          • Are they back on the UKC good list. I is my understanding that they were banned some time ago for hanging papers on their studs.

                                            • It is my understanding that the American Pit Bull is still on the banned list. But they will register the American Stafford Terrier. Genetically they are the same breed with different registries.  Some people register the same dog with both registries. The UKC will register the dog under either name. AKC  will not use APBT because of its dog fighting past. It political. SMH 

                                              • Sure. I think we knew that but this particular kennel was banned from registering any dogs or showing with the UKC. If I am not mistaken the UKC was started as the primary registry for the APBTs. Their history timeline is here

                                                • Wow. Why did they ban that kennel? 

                                                  • Wow. Why did they ban that kennel? 

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