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The Campeiro Bulldog

these dogs are very nice,but with limited info,and practicly no dogs in my country i cant say much..They do resemble the johnson bulldog a bit.. From what ive heard there purely working dogs,its nice to see that in a bulldog..
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    • brazillianbandogge asked to moderate this forum. This is for discussion of the Bulldog Campeiro's history and future. If you are interested in this breed please participate in this thread.¬†

      • Thanks Gsicard I Try to increase the profile, Standard and the best info about Bulldog Campeiro (C.B.) Pure Breed. The CB are a Working Dog made by natural-selecting since 1800`s by immigrants from Europe in South of Brazil. The Dog were breeding by farmers to managed livestock~"Cattle Drive". This is the web site from a Working Dog Breeder that I recommend. His name is Andre Kochhann and his not speak very well English so i help him on this board. http://www.buldoguecampeiro.net/ I try to developed a conversation focus in Traditional CB , because the breed just got in FCI-CBKC Standard Program and i can imagine in the short future the degradation the Working Ability of these breed by new owners focus in Show (market)! The CB is a very close Conformation of the Leavitt bulldog. The breeding Program are quit different but the both seams to have a rustic load in the foundation. The Ox farmers have been breeding the CB for they needed. The Guardian Ability is present too.The behavior is very close to the Old English Bulldog with a strong personality. The standard of CB was defined to fit in FCI-CBKC program,so i fell that not fit in a Working Dog best knowledge and i will try do not talk too much about the FCI Standard. The goal of this board will be in the CB working abilities... Thanks Marcos.

        • Marcos, Maybe you can help you friend to list his kennel on here where he can create an organization for it. I hope this discussion forum will assist you in preserving the working abilities of the CB.

          • [quote=Nebulosa] one standard better explaine go finish with this...[/quote] Dear Paula, Can you explain to us how can good breeders will preserve the CB Working Ability ? Can you share here your Knowlodge about the CB? I know that to preserve the Working Ability for any breed is a difficult jorney! So here in this board we have some fine dogmen that working with they dogs and a lot of post were to debate about working Dogs and all the problem concerned with this. Its very difficult to me to understand how can FCI-CBKC Show Competition will preserve the Working Ability for any breed. Thanks Marcos
            • Thanks Paula , Your words seams that have very transparent ideas syntonize of most members here. :wink:
              • Dear Paula, I dont know if you know the Leavitt work. If you dont know , Leavitt work , you must go to Leavitt website and surf ! Leavitt is one of the finnest Old Type Bulldog in the world, breeding for Working abilities. They dogs look like CB but have a lot of difference too.Leavitt Breeding Program has begining since 1970's and his program is a modern cross program till now. I recommend this website of Bulldog Breeders writen by Johnny at SBBA. ************************************************************* Bulldog Breeders SBBA founders http://www.loyalguardkennel.com Loyal Guard Kennels owned and operated by Johnny and Mary Courville in Louisiana. Some of the healthiest and most athletic OEB's and bulldogs you will find anywhere. Mostly Leavitt descent some Hermes X Leavitt working bulldogs. E-mail us at rarebulldogge186@msn.com www.bulldogranch.com Bulldogge Ranch owned and operated by George, also know as G, and his wife Ellen located in Florida. More healthy and athletic OEB's ALL Leavitt. George also raises AM Staffs. E-mail George at gjwolf1@excite.com http://www.valorquestbulldogges.com Valorquest bulldogges owned by Jim Carraway this guy is old school bulldog, he has been around for a long time. Jan at Thundervalley bought her foundation stock from Jim's old Hi Plains kennel. Jim's dogs are highly recomended. Other SBBA breeders we support Boneshakers coming soon E-mail Greg at Winsyyy@aol.com Boneshaker owned and operated by Greg and Lynn in Flordia. Healthy and athletic OEB's. ALL Leavitt bulldogges. http://www.bulldogbreeder.com/ Thundervalley Bulldogge owned and operated by Jan, located in Colorado. Weight pull proven OEB's. All Leavitt descent. E-mail Jan at tvb2102@msn.com http://www.bulldogranch.com/mergen.html Marie and Adam have 2 gorgeous OEB's from Mike Walz. Pure Old School Classic Leavitt. E-mail them at Careyconway@aol.com www.dragonslayerkennels.com For the freakiest bulldogs on the planet visit Mike Tucker at DragonSlayer Kennels. Specializing in big dogs that can move, big heads, chests, bone, and muscles. All dogs descended from the old stock Hermes lines. E-mail Mike at mike@dragonslayerkennels.com
                • [quote=Nebulosa"][quote="triff]the blue paul was an old scottish fighting breed, built on old english pitbull lines, its reputation was legendary. i can see no reason to use a south american bulldog to try and recreate this breed, there are far more suitable breeds to use, although i see no reason to recreate this breed anyway. what purpose would it be used for ?[/quote]

                  Campeiro Buldogue isn't a recreation of any breed, but one breed that comes from the cross betwen some dogs bringing by the imigrant's to the south of Brazil, selected in the fields for be a guard and cattle dog.[/quote]

                  Could you explain here the foundation breed that had been formed the Bulldog Campeiro? I know is impossible to know exactly the breds involved but could you gues who? For all the theories that i have been reading the most convincing is: Old Germany Boxer (high %) English Bulldog Modern Strain (medium %) Fila Nacional (low %) Perdigueiro ( Old Pointer, Old Fox Hound, Old Braco Germany) (low low %) Perro Zimarrone (??) "the proximity to Uruguai"

                  • Since the site operating system was changed a couple times since after this forum topic was created, some of the links may be broken.¬† I will fix the ones that I can but please be understanding.

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