Comment to 'The Campeiro Bulldog'
  • [quote=Nebulosa"][quote="triff]the blue paul was an old scottish fighting breed, built on old english pitbull lines, its reputation was legendary. i can see no reason to use a south american bulldog to try and recreate this breed, there are far more suitable breeds to use, although i see no reason to recreate this breed anyway. what purpose would it be used for ?[/quote]

    Campeiro Buldogue isn't a recreation of any breed, but one breed that comes from the cross betwen some dogs bringing by the imigrant's to the south of Brazil, selected in the fields for be a guard and cattle dog.[/quote]

    Could you explain here the foundation breed that had been formed the Bulldog Campeiro? I know is impossible to know exactly the breds involved but could you gues who? For all the theories that i have been reading the most convincing is: Old Germany Boxer (high %) English Bulldog Modern Strain (medium %) Fila Nacional (low %) Perdigueiro ( Old Pointer, Old Fox Hound, Old Braco Germany) (low low %) Perro Zimarrone (??) "the proximity to Uruguai"