Comment to 'HELP!! New Caucasian Puppy'
  • I have two more questions: First, can I start to train him now? I have officially had him for a week, and he's two and a half months. I figured I would let him settle into his new life first, but is he old enough to retain specific commands? I tried sit last week, and he was doing it every time. But it was hard to tell if he was doing it because he was learning the command and I was saying "sit," or if it was just what he felt like doing. Second, what should I do when he's chewing things or about to bite something that he shouldn't? I always try saying "no," and then distracting him with something I do want him to bite. Every once in a while, he ignores the toy, because he's too interested in what he's after. I push his face away, and he'll ignore the action and me firmly saying "no" and go right back to it. Any advice?