Comment to 'Holistic Remedies'
  • I have used the peroxide on an American Bulldog that ate my sweatband. I gave her a tablespoon.  She regurgitated it up. I had to quickly get it because she was going to try to eat it again. 


    Garlic was also used at one time as a natural flea deterent. It was common to get brewers yeast and garlic supplements.  But it has since been determined that garlic is poisonous to dogs. However , it will take a large quantity to harm a dog. I have stopped using garlic.

    • @eliteguardianpresa regarding garlic. I used it for years. Started with finely chopped raw garlic fed once per week at half a clove. then switched to powdered as it seems that it was easier. The side effect which eventually caused one of our dogs to die was excessive and failure of blood to clot.... she died after spaying surgery as she would not stop bleeding.

      Good news is that none of the dogs had parasites or other ailments.

      • Condolences on your dogs untimely death. Godspeed Gary with the living amongst us.

        • Sorry to hear about your dog. I didn’t know of anyone whose dog was harmed from taking garlic. I don’t remember where I read that garlic was harmful or poisonous to dogs. I also heard that it took a high dose of garlic. I stopped using it. I didn’t want to risk it. I noticed it was heavily promoted by Dr Foster and Smith. Later they removed any content with garlic. Never mentioned garlic. Now they’re closed.