Comment to 'Himalayan Mastiff - litter planned'
  • hi friends, it is my pleasure to share a good news with you! an exceptionally great litter has been planned for this season.. we are keeping 2 puppies from this breeding. and homes are ready for 4 puppies.. i don;t think that litter would be bigger than 6.. we hope that 3 wonderful puppies take birth in this litter because, we know that more the number of puppies, more the responsibility and work! hahahaha and we don't wish to have too many dogs too.. ;) litter 1 Rex X Nafisa REX is a huge dog with excellent type!! he is not an aggressive dog.. he has a laid back temperament but is aggressive to strange dogs.. this pic of rex is an old one.. he is 3 years old now.. he has become much more massive! he is true Himalayan Mastiff! we are hoping to see puppies with heavy frames and athletic movement! X nafisa! highly intelligent and enthusiastic female! her father was one of the biggest Himalayan Mastiff with courageous and ferocious attitude! she has a stable temperament. she doesn't out rightly attack anyone out of fury like other HMs if people come to her territory.. she is more patient,calm,relaxed and social.. more like TMs from western lines.. we are looking forward to get huge puppies with wonderful bone and type and will retain the best puppies of this litter and give the other puppies to our friends and people who have due passion for this breed in india. _________________________________ litter 2 Babbar x Chiki Babbar, a true Himalayan Mastiff!! he is an audacious guard and highly vigilant at nights and surprisingly fast for his size and highly possessive of his territory! he has a very good built as a Himalayan Mastiff and he is a true himalayan mastiff!! he is a dangerous guard dog and is extremely powerful! X she is really fast and agile! and she is a true guard dog! she has really sharp reflexes! she is a med sized HM, standing at around 27+".. this combination is planned to combine speed with power and two exemplary lines of HMs bred for guarding and protecting!! outcome would be perfect guard dog with bold courage,sharp reflexes,swift movement and suspicious nature and sheer power! we are keeping 1 or 2 puppies from this litter.. and other puppies will be distributed among friends! this is a guarded line of HM! we welcome your opinions and suggestions and even criticisms if any.. :) - Arun, on behalf of our team.