Comment to 'Paw licking?'
Comment to Paw licking?
  • I want to thank everyone that offered advice/information. Update, I inspected Butch today while bathing, no smell OR sores it's just odd that he does this SOMETIMES, for example he began licking RIGHT after the bath. It's really strange he doesn't do it very often and it also happens at strange times. Last night, when I wrote the question it was late, almost midnight and Butch was laying around sleeping off and on then he just started licking his left paw. I'm thinking it's more boredom but he does have red bumps on different parts of his body, American Bulldog what can I say. He IS relatively healthy mentally AND physically though. Thanks again ALL in particular LillaSophie, I'll keep an eye on the paws and will look into the foot bath if necessary, (HOPE is isn't).