Comment to 'Paw licking?'
Comment to Paw licking?
  • [quote1304137171=babigirl] How large of a dog? Have you given him anything yet? How old exactly is this dog? I know you mentioned its been going on for a couple of months, what state do you live in? Can you correlate it with going outside? Also when did you make the food switch exactly also? [/quote1304137171] Thanks for asking babigirl. Butch'll be 1 NEXT WEEK, he ways (WEIGHS, sorry being an English Teacher I HAD to correct myself, LOL), about 80 pounds and the outbreak was very recent, within the last few weeks. I've been giving Benadryl for about a week and a half and the vet gave some antibiotics just to avoid the hives turning into something else. I live in Idiana right outside of Chicago, the hives broke out recently when I took him to train in a field that I'd never taken him tobefore that's why I feel strongly it's a grass allergy because he's been on the Blue for, I know at least 5-6 months NO problems. There hives have also subsided but he's still a little pink under his fur and still a little smelly, I've also poured cold and cold compress a few days, he's gotten better I'm just going to monitor now. Thanks again.