Comment to 'What dogs do you own, what breeds are they, and how do they differ? '
  • BOERBOEL (SABT): Female, 18 months, spayed three weeks ago. She's not particularly smart, nor does she have an endearing personality - she's needy, bull-headed and a complete bitch to my other dog. That said, she is the most affectionate dog I've ever owned, is extremely protective of her people and her vehicle, and 100% wary of strangers outside of our home. Sleeping and eating are her favorite activities, but she does get the 'zoomies' when she's walking off leash or in the backyard and is really, really fast with quick turns on a dime like a cutting horse. She has had some health issues (hence the spaying) --demodex, pancreatitis --both of which I'm having some success with natural treatments but I still remain very wary, overall, about her viability in terms of normal Boerboel life expectancy. I have a very strong preference for female dogs and I'm hopeful that as she matures, she'll mellow out a bit on that bitchiness as all my other females have. GREAT PYR MIX (75/25): My first male, 10 months, in tact. The farmer who was selling these dogs was quite keen to be rid of them so I got this boy at what the vet estimated was 5 weeks. He was walking perfectly on a leash by 8 weeks, understood basic commands almost instinctively and has the best overall demeanor of any dog I've ever owned - not picky, not needy, nothing phases him and, bless his heart, he puts up with my Boerboel's bitchiness, only pushing back when he really feels strongly about something. He is EXTREMELY territorial - this house and yard are HIS to defend and, like all GPs, he's gotta make sure everybody in the neighborhood knows it - he's a big time barker! My only "complaint" with him is that he's not particularly affectionate but that seems to be improving as he gets older and more comfortable with his place in our little pack.