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  • [quote1293764957=Tonedog] Thanks a lot guys. Really interesting comparison between the bull/mastiff type in the boerboel and the LGD type in the pyranees. It seems a common theme with bull/mastiff types being very affectionate (even overly so to the point of being needy), while lgds are more independent and aloof, and it makes sense when you understand the history of these dogs, with bull/mastiff types always being close to people and doing something for them, while LGDs were out in the pasture with the sheep. Maybe more testimonies will outline this trend more clearly. Bossofboss, nice name for a dog my neo x is named boss as well. Sounds like you have some typical bullbreeds, I myself have quite a bit of experience with bullbreeds, might do a comparison of sbts and ebts I have known later. [/quote1293764957] I love the name Boss. A dog named Boss can have a million nicknames. Boss has been: Boss Dog. Big Boss. Lil' Boss. Boss Hog. Boss Man. Boss Baby. Baby Boss. Boss Farter. I look forward to seeing you compare SBT to the EBT.