Comment to 'What dogs do you own, what breeds are they, and how do they differ? '
  • I currently have American bulldog, Original Mountain cur, OMC x apbt (redboy/jocko), Workman Farm Mastiff's. I used to have 6 AB's on my yard but now I'm down to 2. The AB's are prey/fight monsters eager to please can direct them on anything, stable and willing to engage with nice defense as well, pretty standard description for what I like in AB's. The mountain cur is nice though I would like him to have a little better nose with that said he will bay up nice. The OMC x apbt is a good dog personality wise and would make more of a family pet than hog dog truth be told. He falls short of a good bay dog and a good bulldog and depending on how he feels he may or may not show up when you need him. This dog is handler sensitive as hell also so unless you have a good bond with him he will be off or never start, he was given to me by a friend so I think how he was raised and the fact he has moved around may be a part of the problem. The Mastiffs are great farm dogs big strong, have more prey than most modern mastiff types though less than true herders, hounds, bulldogs, etc, they are well rounded in drives overall and have a medium dense coat and live outside year round freezing or not. They work well in a pack will kill a coyote if they can get close enough. Overall good dogs though we have run into issues with dominant males being allowed together.