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  • I own 4 Great Pyrenees, 3 of them live with me and one is in co-ownership. Whit this breed I have 6 years experience and dogs from different lines and different nature. I will start with Brenda, she is 5 years old and female. Very elegant, calm in nature. Brenda is the alfa of the house, doiminant to other dogs but very sweet to her own family. To stranges she is distrustful but warms up when see's me acting freindy toward the new people. She very much acts on the way I act to strangers. Just now she has had her first litter and she is a very kind and loving mother. Me and Brenda work togther with the puppies and our assigments are shared. I think of Brenda as the most intellignet dog I own. My second pyr is Mia, she is 3 years old and female. Very friendly towards all other dogs and people except to our alfa female Brenda. Mia can not stand her ... the reason, is that Mia wants to be the alfa but does not have what it takes to be alfa. But poor dog does not realize it herself. Mia is very outgoing and always ready to please, very alert to my signals. Also reads my body language and act on it. She is also jeous ... when Mia is being hugged than no one else can come to ask for a hug :) Mia has a sense of humor, sometimes she surprises me with her actions. Mia adores , no loves children ... she just goes crazy when they come over. My third pyr is called Iber, heris 1,5 years old and a male. There is one word to discribe him and that is SUNSHINE. I call him that because he is always happy, always in a good mood, always ready to please, always so keen on attention. I think males are so much different than females. Females are more independent but males they ask more attention and love. Iber is funny he has learned to mimic human expression and thay is a SMILE. So when i come home he is there to greet me with a big smile. Does it to friends too. Iber is a great guardian, he hears everythign and alerts. When something serious is going on her come to my bedroom window and wakes me up. Iber does not always act on my body language like the girls ... he feels like he is guardian and act like that. To him, i have to say it is okay it is a friend. My co-owned pyr is named Betty, she is 2 years old and a female. She is shy agressive and I am so glad that her owners have not given up on her and still want to keep her even she is a problem dog. Betty is everything what a Great Pyrenees can not be! Since i am a breeder of this breed than many of you may wonder if I will ever breed from her then the answer is NO. The temperment is very important thing in a breed ...I have owned and seen m´any different temperament in Great Pyrenees and know exactly what I want to pass on in the breed. Almost forgot ... I also own a 7 year old Cavalier King Charels Spaneil male, he is wonderful dog. Spot listens only when he thinks is is necessery and he alos thinks he is a big white dog ... I wonder why? hahaha