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  • I have a 6.5 year old Boxer, Joe and a 17 month old Cane Corso. Our Boxer, affectionately known as the "idiot". He is hyper, goofy and smart enough to make people think he is stupid while he opens all the doors in the house, and I am talking round knobs. He won't do silly dog tricks, he farts and snores, can clear a 6 ft fence from a standstill, he talks back when I tell him not to and costs us a fortune in vet bills. He gets along with everyone and everything as long as they get along with him. He hangs with horses, cows, dogs, cats, nothing phases the old boy. I trust him with my life and know that if I put him in the yard with my son NO ONE is coming in. He is protective, calm and patient with kids, he is my goofy old man. He has a great personality and is a huge part of our family, and is a pet only. Aurora del'Agreste is our Pretty pretty princess. She is a cool dog. Really, could take her any/every where and she goes with it. She is aloof with strangers, not aggressive or fearful, just truly doesn't care/has no interest in them. Is is aware of her surroundings, yet relaxed, unless she shouldn't be. She is sensitive to her people, picks up on what ever is going on with us. She is easy to train, wants to please, everyone who meets her is impressed. She has great type for a Corso, correct expression, and good bone. We co-own her with her breeder. She is showing in conformation, has her CGN, is a working Therapy dog, and we are starting her Rally O titles shortly. She is a regal looking dog until you are invited in to the house. Then the change occurs, she wiggle butts and winds like a cat around and through your legs. Men she bags, hard, with her nose. As her guard is down she becomes the goofy lapdog love bug she is. She plays hard with her friends, all the while she will never completely take her eyes off us. She is a favorite among the kids at the bus stop, as she will comply and do the stupid dog tricks they ask of her and will allow them to handler her. My son walks her, although she has over 60lbs on him, she will respond to his verbal commands regardless as to what is around. With Joe and us she tries to bully, push around to get affection, she is a dominant breed and although a sweet heart princess, we still have to watch her pushy attitude daily, she is after all a Corso :)[br][link={e_FILE}public/1296489726_17465_FT77179_just_pictures_jan_2011_011.jpg][img:width=500&height=375]{e_FILE}public/1296489726_17465_FT77179_just_pictures_jan_2011_011_.jpg">[/link][br]