Comment to 'What dogs do you own, what breeds are they, and how do they differ? '
  • Yes remarkably I'm the only person in the world it seems whose dogs are in any way less than supernaturally perfect. Lol. Like I said in the other thread, yes my female dog is a poorly bred piece of crap (who I'm still rather fond of btw), my male dog is from one of the best breeders in the world and is amazing. That last quote is not a negative at all, it's a positive thing any bandog breeder should aspire for. The quote above it isn't a bad thing either, I'm light heartedly teasing his docile friendly temperament, but again it's actually a positive attribute indicative of genuine relaxed confidence. It means nothing in the face of the fact he's been temperament tested and with no training has incredibly solid nerves and a perfect on/off switch. He's really a testament to outstanding breeding rarely matched in the modern world.