Comment to 'CAO Puppy Assessment'
  • When I first moved to the US from Europe, about a year after I got here somebody gave me a 9 weeks old puppy they found on the street. I learned later that the mother was a Chow Chow and the father a Pit.  This dog went through all the struggles and obstacles I encountered over the years and I can say that I would not have made it without him.  He was extremely healthy, and had nerves of steel.  He also had one mission in life, to protect me!!  He lived a great life and remained healthy until he died at 16 1/2 years of age.  I was REALLY hoping to get the same type of personality with my next dog, but when I got my other dog, it didn't turn out that way for sure.  My current dog is now 8 years old and I've learned to accept the fact that while she has a tremendous potential, I could never trust her to protect us from a real threat.  I still love her and she is having a great life of course.  P.S. I got her from a so called "breeder" in Illinois that guaranteed she would be THE protection dog.