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    keep her and get a male from the type we prefer

     Excellent!  I am glad you did not abandon her because of her temp.

    This is not the first time I have discussed situations like this with some of our members.  Normally breed clubs and enthusiasts love the temperament of the original breed but because of local laws and pressures to join kennel clubs they soon abandon the natural temperament and start to soften the dogs so they can be more popular. For that reason, I usually look more closely at breeders that purport to "preserve" the breed and see what they are doing. 

    I believe the quarantine rules prevent direct importing to Australia without long wait times in quarantine.  However, it is my understanding that the dog can be quarantined at the origin and then shipped directly to Australia after.  If you are interested in importing a fine specimen maybe I can help.  

    The difficulty is finding a dog that is switched on to strangers and switched off to other things. In our situation, we chose dogs that are switched on ALL the time as (like your place) we are completely fenced in and no one can just walk up to the house. 

    There must be some balance between having a natural guardian dog and the social responsibility that goes with owning such a dog. My number one recommendation is:

    MaxoMagic Central Asian Shepherds

    Middletown, NY 10940, USA

    Phone: 845-343-2592

    Send us an email we would love to hear from you!

    Steve and Daniel Nash are the proprietors of this Kennel and have the best dogs in the USA.  They also have a large facebook presence.


    A few others are:

    For hard dogs, you should look at Akmenu Gele - ran by Arunas Derus.  Not sure of his website anymore but he is on FaceBook. Here are some of their older photos. If needed I can try to contact Arunas for you.

    Best regards,