Comment to 'Collie Breeder'
Comment to Collie Breeder
  • Thank you Gary.  I will check out those links.

    That's how I got my last Collie & my first German Shepherd's Dog. A farmer & his wife had a pair of Collies for their farm. The trouble is finding those litters. The other issue is getting one with good eyes. Collies have lots of eye problems & is the only reason I never had that 1 litter with my female. She wasn't blind but she had problems with her eyes. So I didn't breed her, not wanting to spread the problem even as a carrier. Darned shame because -except for the eyes- she was what a Collie should be all of her 13 years of life.

    I've also gotten a very fine pup from a flea market, which goes against the grain of all the politically correct dog people. She was the last pup in the litter & they took her to socialize her. After meeting my husband & seeing that the man & pup were totally besotted with each other, they offered her to him. Best flea market bargain we've ever gotten. 

    I appreciate the help. If you find more or run across something, let me know.