Comment to 'Collie Breeder'
Comment to Collie Breeder
  • So far I'm really enjoying the pup. She's a sweet little thing. Smart. She's easy to work with. She's got a lot more zip than my last Collie. She's got a hard side which I think if I foster it will mean she'll protect herself & her tiny Chihuahua charges & us to boot. My old Collie was like that she was just more intense even at 7 weeks of age. Just last night she showed me she has very strong interested in retrieving, tirelessly for an hour & a half. I don't mean a game of fetch. I mean place the item in my hand, sit on command, I send the item off & she trots to it, brings it straight back (nothing distracts this pup from her task) & places it back in my hand. I was dumbfounded as I haven't seen a pup so intent on retrieving. She's got strong herding instincts, if you don't believe me ask the 2 Chihuahuas who get really irritated at being herded. She also seems to be figuring out when she's got her blood up & is 'too much' for being in the house so she will ask to stay outside during those times. I hear her ripping & snorting around outside. She's got a decent nose but I think will improve with some work.

    Overall I'm pleased with her. I hope she continues & I'll be putting her through military obstacle work when she's ready. I think she'll take to it like a duck to water. She won't be as hard as a malinois so I'll have to go easy & help her find her way to it. So far so good.