Comment to 'Am I Asking For Too Much...?'
  • With any breed that you choose you will have to live with the fact it will not have everything that you asked for on this list. The biggest concern for me is that you want a dog with less prey drive. Normally with a protection dog you want prey drive. If you look at the video posted recently about Working Dog is the Ukraine. You see dogs with prey drive. If they didn't have that they would not fight through the bag being swung at them, kicking, the board as a shield, etc. They would quit and run away. They prey drive and the belief that it can and will win is what drives these dogs. The Great Dane was unsure, but had enough drive to continue. The Rottie that was dodging the bag was and independent thinker but was determined to get the man.


    Dogs like the Presa Canario want to stay by its owner. Even though they were bred to protect they were bred to be companion dogs. They love to be near their owners. They seek your attention. They almost remind me of a cat. They want to rub against you or for you to pet them. They tend to stick close by its owner. However, that trait is something that can be done through environment stimuli. In other words through training that can be achieved. As I mentioned previously they are know to have some dog aggression. Any dog that has be bred to fend off predators can have this. But with proper training and socialization dog aggression is the exception and not the rule. The same can be said of many other breeds.


    Someone mentioned something about show dogs being too big. They are bigger than a working dog or something like that. That is a myth. I show dog is the should be bred to the standard for the breed. An excessive size dog should be disqualified. I've been to a number of shows. My dogs have competed in them. They don't have a show career. We don't go from show to show. We only go to get the dogs evaluated by qualified impartial 3rd parties to say they are good for breeding stock.  I've spoken with many judges for various counties. They will tell you when they see the big dogs in the ring that it is not about being big. The dog has to be within the standard that was created by the parent organization. Even though they weren't judging that ring the big dogs do poorly. They don't have the correct movement. They are over-sized. Of course they have other faults. Yes there are people that intentionally breed toward larger dogs. Those people do not breed towards the standard. They are breeding for their personal preferences. Their dogs are not breed quality. Kind of like the Rottie that I mentioned from the Ukraine video.It is not functional or as functional as they should be for that breed.


    Gary mentioned some specific breeds that he recommends. I can't comment on them all. But I have years of experience with the American Bulldog (AB). This could depend on if the AB is Johnson Type, Standard type or Hybrid type. Some Johnson might do okay, but I would recommend going more towards the standard or hybrid. The Johnson type has a shorter muzzle and often are on the heavier side. The shorter muzzle doesn't allow them to breathe as well. They can easily overheat. They aren't as agile. I got my dogs from Bill Hines. He's gone now, but his family is still keeping things going. His dogs were used to catch wild boars. If they were too big they wouldn't make good boar dogs. They would have been dead dogs like a couple of bay hounds that got too close.