Comment to 'I Remember When...'

    im glad i was around when the forums were really active. i learned alot here

     Do you also remember all the drama we had? Wow! I did not like those at all. Some of them pitted me against friends and colleagues. All in all I think we did have great discussions and we can again.  It is the very reason I started this topic as a reminder of when we used to actually discuss things and cause learning or information sharing. Now it seems that one liners are the way to go.. not yours .. :)

    From now on - when I answer a post I will try to make a substantive post to convey some information and hopefully start a trend over again.  So far we have done great on this one.  Don't you thing so?

    On the topic of Food Aggression I think i will make a video tomorrow to show how they are supposed to behave.. the Caucasians I mean. Stand by for that.