Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • The west and Texas!  Yeahhh for some individual freedom. :)

    So when we first moved here to South Texas the property was not completely fenced to my liking so I fended in about 3 acres for the goats and sheep and about 4 acres around the house.  The dogs stayed by the house because i had field and barbed wire fencing in the goat and sheep pasture.  So one night some wild dogs (wolf-dog and some mutts) came by and killed some sheep while we were away. When we got back and found the dogs still here I went inside to arm up.. Nicol chased the dogs with a big mag-lite and they went through the fence and took off.

    I called the sheriff to report the incident and he was very nice on the phone .. he asked me three questions.  1. Why call me? 2. Do you have a firearm? 3. Kill them if they come back to eat their kills.   

    They did and they died.  End of story.  Was a sad situation.  Since then I have the 10 acres completely fenced - I did not like to put those dogs down but I found out that they had killed many domestic animals in the area. Some locality and state governments get the idea of individual freedom and liberty.

    No the dogs can be in the pasture with the goats and if a predator comes they are fair game.  We hear coyotes howling many times during the night but they tend to stay away from our place.