Comment to 'I Remember When...'


    Great post Gary,

    Personally it is only my job load keeps me back of doing one of the things I love a lot, namely share my thoughts and opinion about dogs, especially molossers.

    During weekends I feel family should not been neglected and same time I try carry out various social obligations and real life's demands. I suppose most of us they operate this way. I don't know if I am the only one, but I feel like our lives have been placed into the fast forward mode ! So, I don't really think that it has to do so much with the change at the technology level (at least for the ones of us use like writing really big posts and cover everything), rather has to do with the change on our working environment due the effort to develop all the time, trying to satisfy more obligations than we actually can, sometimes yes it's even our fault by "creating" new needs to be covered at the expense of our time, and what we really enjoy to do. For sure I miss the old times, really communicating with people, even wrangle with them (if a civilized level was about to be kept), trying to make a point, trying to pass what I considered to be my knowledge, ready to enrich it and even to change it due to great arguments of the other side.

    For sure brief actions like posting short nonsensical sentences or just clicking like, or thumbs up/down buttons, as you mentioned above, do not fit my world. Of course I don't blame people they communicate this way and for sure I have clicked some likes, but make no mistake, this was done because of time lack. Many times when I had the time to reply by posting really big posts through the net, I been blamed and asked once (in an extremely sarcastic way) by a specific person using vulgar language in all his posts, why am I writing a f***** ESSAY and lose my f******** time through the f****** net, instead to do better f******* things. Lots other people been following the conversation they start to click one like after the other to his reply, making ironic comments against me, etc. Actually this guy gave me a great pass to specify once and for good, that time perception is completely subjective ! So what I replied to him was like, I WROTE THE ESSAY BECAUSE I HAVE NO TIME TO LOSE !!! I really have no time to lose like you replying 375 times (I actually counted his replies) within a week!!! ON THE SAME SUBJECT !!!. I have no time to lose waiting every logic or silly question to be asked and then to reply properly to every one.

    I have no time to lose, going back every time to find out what was the question or the point made by then, what was the argument used, when and by whom, what was that I had reply by then, and then reply now, after several weeks !!!. I have no time to lose for things like these, so I write an essay, ONCE AND FOR GOOD, most times I prevent the vast majority of the questions and I am sure I clearly made my point, leaving minimal chances to someone to get something wrong. I asked him to add the time consumed to write 375 posts and compare it with my single reply which was written within 10 minutes. The guy never replied back and most of people they been ironic toward my reply, they actually found very interesting my approach and they had the dignity to ...apologize.

    So yes, you right Gary, many people they just click useless likes to my opinion of course, making no point and many times this is proved to be the best case scenario, because it is not unusual when the subject is developed furthermore, FINALLY TO COMPLETELY DISAGREE AND THEN GOING BACK TO UNCLICK ALL LIKES TURNING THEM TO DISLIKES , AHA, HA, HA, HA, What you dig out now Gary, "the temperament of the Caucasian Ovcharka" I still remember the great wrangle between Yelena and Stacey, been so much sarcastic to each other, many times with an intelligent way and for sure amusing many of us this way, many times though making great points and dealing with great source of knowledge, both of them. If I remember well at some point I was all against Stacey, considering she favors the watered down edition of Caucasian Ovcharka. I think within the same discussion it was me trying to prove to Cindy, why we need nowadays, within this civilized world (Cindy used this expression to make a point favor watered down COs), with its "civilized" crime evolution, more than ever the highest level of aggressiveness out of our COs and still would have been ...little !!!! ha, ha. I even quote the results of an FBI report for the insane rise of hardcore crimes from 60's till 2007 !!!

    Yeah Gary great old times, I hope to to have more time in near future to participate actively.

    Be well Gary, take care