Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • I used to be anti show. I don't know if I want to say anti but I had absolutely no interest in it. I AKC was the devil so to speak. I blamed them for messing up breeds. This is what I had been taught. I didn't understand the importance of having some unbiased people rate the dogs. I only wanted my dogs to do protection work. because I've been there I'm empathetic towards them. I can't talk about them without talking about myself. But today i see the value on both. I have judges evaluate the dogs to affirm that they meet the standards to be bred. I also test their temperament to see if they have the correct temperament for the breed. I don;t do schutzhund. I like to watch it, but I prefer personal protection for my dogs. When schutzhund trial were created it was a temperament test to see if the dogs had the correct temperament before the dogs could be bred. Today in is a sport. Many dogs that compete in that sport will not make a good family protector. they can put on a show and do well biting a sleeve, but many will not bite an intruder or aggressive person or anything that doesn't have a sleeve. Sure there are some exception. There are certain breed that usually does better at crossing over and doing the sport and doing the real work.


    Personally I would not call my dogs show dogs. Other will refer to them as that. My dogs have been shown and have done well. But they do not have a show career. Once the title was earned there was no need to show them again. Some breeders show the same dogs over and over. Some have asked me why didn't bring the dog that won it all last time? The reason why I don't is that I use the sow for its original purpose which is to evaluate your breeding stock.