Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • I have now watch the video in its entirety. This is not new information. This is show a problem with breeding practices from the breeders. This is done in so-called working lines. Ive seen breeders hat claim how their dogs are working dogs. They put down the Shows. Then they boast how on a particular breeding that this is a double bred or triple bred dog. In other words they are heavily into inbreeding the father back to the daughter back to the new daughter. Personally I wouldn't bu a dog like that from a "show" line or "working" line. We also have those that breed ban dogs. That no nothing of the history or the health history of the dogs that they are breeding. Just because the dog has been crossed with a different breed doesn't mean it will not produce unhealthy dogs. If the dog has genetic health problem it can sow up in future litters of its offspring. offspring.

    These are mixed breed dogs that some registry has created a name for them. Some are being passed off as pedigree with some small registry and now with the UKC. The dogs have to be carried. They are so low to the ground. Legs go east and west instead of straight fronts. They can't breathe and will easily overheat. There are many other health problems with them and they have a short lifespan. they can't have a natural tie nor a natural birth.