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  • I haven't read anyone else's responses before posting this so as not to color my answers.


    1.  Do the National Dog Registries (AKC, CKC, UKC, FCI, etc,) and their supporting national breed clubs contribute to the demise, health issues, lack of working abilities and the destruction of their true temperament?  A few examples would be nice.

    *** Once upon a time I would have argued differently but I've begun to see AKC registration to be the beginning of the end for a good line of working dogs. I don't find UKC to be as bad because they seem to have a stronger focus on working ability. I once saw purpose in conformation shows until I realized that form stopped following function. Form was focused on trends & what looked neat. Looking neat does not get the job done. If you don't believe me ask a bulldog or a bull terrier with their head so domed they look like a banana head.  As the Collie whose head got so narrow I question where the poor dogs put their brains!  Colors being bred for without regard for the simple question: can the dog still preform it's original duties?  No, I do not believe in pit fighting dogs however what makes the bulldog a bulldog was his ability to handle a bull. My Gram had a Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mixed with Bulldog. His name was Bullger. On the day they went to gather milk cows & were attacked by a range bull, Bullger did what bull breeds do. He took care of business. Tore the ring out of the bull's nose & brought him to his knees so the children could run for cover then he followed his children making certain the bull didn't follow. THAT is a skill set. There are essential ingredients within each breed of dog that makes them a member of that breed. When those ingredients are bred out & destroyed the breed. A Doberman who will not defend his master is something else but NOT a Doberman. To me this is what I see from the likes of AKC. Politically correct for the humans, destruction for the breeds.On the other hand I bought a puppy from a breeder I both know & respect. I've trained on his field. He refuses to allow his work to fall into the hands of the likes of the AKC. I once thought he was eccentric. Now I understand. The pup I had from him was the best dog I've probably ever owned. Beautiful dog but she was all work, all serious, all the real deal.  Now the pitfall of dealing with dogs with no paper/pedigree is being able to trust the breeder you buy from. I knew the man I bought my dog from. Had she had a genetic problem, a phone call is what it would take & he would make it right. He does not sell puppies he considers inferior. Parents, grandparents, great grands are all his dogs & they've all been worked extensively. I'd take a pup from a breeder like this over an AKC pup any day. Again the catch is finding one you can trust.


    2.  Are there any good reasons to take a rare breed (in the USA a rare breed is anyone that is not recognized with the AKC) and seek AKC recognition?  If so, please explain. You may also apply this question to your own country and breeds and discuss that.

    ******* Not in my opinion.  See #1  :)  I think it's the fastest way to the destruction of the breed.  I fear the Dutch Shepherd will go that way now


    3.  Will you buy a puppy without a contract? For the record I have never bought a puppy with a contract nor have I sold any with a contract.  Good or bad - go for it.

    ******** Here's a little known fact that many don't understand. If you buy a puppy from a breeder in your own state, the contract has some teeth. If you buy a puppy from out of state, the contract is pretty much like child's toy shield. Meaning it may make all parties feel better however enforcing it is pretty hard to do.  I've been on both ends of the stick. I've bought from a very bad man who basically said, "I've got your money & the dog's your problem". I've also bought from a breeder who did not know his dogs had an underlying genetic problem. He was actually a very honest man who did not know he had a problem until it became painfully obvious through pups he'd sold me. It did not end well however he did everything humanly possible to make it right. I had a contract on the first pup, no contract on the rest... never needed one. He did the right thing. I've got a file drawer full of contracts on pups but in the end they don't mean much. It's false security in most cases.  And I will not buy a dog under any circumstances that dictates spay/neuter. That's a whole other hot button for me.  Thanks but no.


    4.  Should guardian breeds (specifically Livestock Guardian Breeds) only be owned and kept by those who has a job for them to do, preferably guarding property and livestock.

    ************ I think the guardian breeds can do more than one type of job. I know a Great Pyranees who is taking care of a Daycare full of kids. Nanna doesn't allow the children to fight, sounds the alarm if someone tries to breach the fence & is an excellent scraped knee fixer. But I think you can't fit a square peg in a round hole. So I wouldn't buy a certain breed of dog knowing I was going to live in an apartment where the dog might not understand the small boundaries of his job.


    5.  This one is very very easy.  Should the American Pit Bull Terrier be banned or should stupid owners be banned.

    *************ban the idiots... keep the pits