Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • Those pictures in the last photo are pure & simple dog abuse. Creating animals that must be carried rather than walking. Despicable. What a sad life those dogs lead :(


    The Boerboel is one of the breeds I came very close to going with. I like the look & what I learned about the working ability of the breed. The dogs I met, however were very disappointing. I met breeders who bragged about their dogs' protective instincts yet if you even hinted at getting a puppy for guardian work, you were labeled 'one of those' & put in the discard pile. My question is simple: are the dogs so truly poor the breeder fears people will discover the truth?  My parents bred working Dobermans. I raised working Dobermans. I have handled, worked & trained more guardians than I can count. In my experience breeders who behave like that have something to hide... generally it is the truth. One only has to listen to what the potential puppy buyer says to tell if this person is a nut job wanting a tough dog to bite & intimidate vs. someone who is responsible, who does their homework, employs a trainer, does the time & work with the dog. Either the breeder is lazy or incompetent (in which case I would never want a puppy from such a person) or they have fear/concern that they haven't reconciled with or they have something in their dogs they don't want exposed so you sell to the people who won't reveal it.  The Boerboel is a dog who was born to work, to do a job & part of that job is guardian work. There is a difference between vicious/dangerous vs. trained/competent.

    Of course, at the moment I am helping a good friend locate a dog plus I'm trying to decide what to get for myself. The more I look the madder I become at what has happened to a noble creature who did not deserve to be destroyed at the hands of silly people more concerned with more wrinkles, bigger head, bigger chest. I have only to look at the photos of those poor dogs who must be carried to experience fury on their behalf. Being made & born to be crippled. If that's not cruel, I don't know what is. For the breeders who hold their ground & stubbornly refuse to bow to the masses, you are held in the highest regard by me. At the base of it, humans seeking trophies & assurance that they have the best is the root of the problem. The win became more important than preserving the purpose & abilities. Grrrr...