Comment to 'I Remember When...'
  • Hey, I'm looking through this and I wanted to make a statement. It was pointed out that the show changes dogs. I disagree. But that's not relevant. I was said the judges walk up and put there hands in the dogs mouth. They should not put their hands in the dogs mouth. A judge came close to long a hand or at least a some fingers when this was done. The judge should always ask. Sure I could have trained the dogs to allow a friendly stranger to look at it's bite. But I decided not to. I had to tell that judge noooo. I'll show you the bite. The rest of the night the other judges asked. Not only me but other handlers. I met a judge that said they are not even supposed to touch a Caucasian because of the temperament. I saw one being judged and they kept a safe distance away. In another show I saw the judge get touch the fog but the Handler was alert and kept the judge safe. I know some of my dogs that don't want a stranger touch I can keep them calm long enough to get judged and I can put my arm under the dog for a brief moment to allow the nuts to be touched. But they won't stand for that long.