Comment to 'My little troublemaker'
  • [quote1326923401=gsicard] Dan, I don't think Caucasian Ovcharka are compliant at all - they are probably the same or more stubborn than the Sar. That is probably the only area in which we disagree on the two. COs in general does have a much shorter fuse, don't really like people (outside their circle), and all of mine were dog aggressive. [/quote1326923401] Gary, this is something I was told by other CO enthusiasts. As you know I have very limited personal experience with COs and mostly rely on what others have told me. So I was told these dogs were bred to guard prisons etc and were controlled by handlers. This (I was told) meant they tended to be somewhat more compliant (with the handler, not the target). Rural Sars on the other hand often find themselves working in complete isolation, where they essentially lead a mountain life of self-reliance. They just do what they think they have to do. IMO it can't get any more stubborn than that. I think both are human and dog aggressive, but from what I have observed myself and what I was told by others, it may be that COs are more HA than DA while Sars tend to be more DA than HA. Maybe it isn't so? Sars for one are naturally fairly game dogs, which is why they are used in dog fighting A LOT. Maybe it's just a question of shifted emphasis. Again, I never owned COs to provide a reliable side-by-side comparison. It's experience on one side vs hear-say on the other. At least the slightly shorter fuse seems to be a more consistent feature that people seem to agree on.