Comment to 'My little troublemaker'
  • Well, I can't swear that CO blood never went back into anything but show lines, but CO influx doesn't really make any sense in actual working dogs ... or fighting dogs (although the dedicated fighting dogs instead got a lot of blood from several other breeds). The very nature of LGD work for one protected those working Shars from wild breeding experiments. Main differences in temp are that Shars are not nearly as compliant as COs, meaning Shars don't follow commands that well (to say the least). Also, Shars are very animal aggressive (they are quite game) and only moderately human aggressive, wheras COs are more human aggressive than actually animal aggressive. Lastly, people agree that COs generally have a shorter fuse, before they go all out. I would further assume that Shars are more adapted towards livestock work, whereas COs are rather geared towards property guarding. Maybe others can add differences (or disagree with me).