Comment to 'My little troublemaker'
  • [quote1326398278=Vorax] That is a serious looking dog, with erect ears it could pass for a Giant Shepherd. [/quote1326398278] I've heard that one before, he's also been compared to a Leonberger. The latest btw was that someone thought his face had strong similarities to a Gorilla. And I could even see that resemblance. haha I guess I appreciate anything that is not the usual bear analogy. My personal favorite (other than Shar) is maybe the comparison to a lion. My least favorite (next to bear) is when people try to convince me that he's a certain mix ("He's definitely half x and half y!"), as if I got him from a shelter or something. lol As for erect ears, I tried that by holding them up and it looks nothing like a shepherd, the head shape and ear shapes are too compact to pass for a shepherd. Sometimes I wonder if a reverse Balyaev experiment would create Shars with erect ears.