Comment to 'My little troublemaker'
  • Mike, Nice to hear from Marco (Atlas). He used to be the biggest puppy, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if he turned out much bigger than Apollo. Apollo still exhibits a relatively light frame for a Shar. As for maturity, he still isn't there yet, and admittedly he isn't really socialized either. I often consider him my "feral child", as he grew up in a very rural setting and for the first two years or so he's hardly ever seen any humans other than me and maybe 2-3 people. Same goes for other dogs. He was destined to become an old school livestock guardian in the mountains. So until a few months ago, he's never seen civilization. This makes him very interesting to observe at times, moreover because he is also totally different from both his parents, Arx and Gaia. Well, Apollo is an ongoing experiment and the jury is still out in many ways. I have yet to go to a vet with him (since his early puppy shots) so who knows how the weighing will go. Maybe I will post some pictures of his destructive nature, this will make everyone feel so much better about their own dogs' mishaps. LOL