Comment to 'Bully line from Redcapo's Kennel'
  • [quote=nick123]i bean to your sight a few times and your dogs are exalent,your certanly a great breeder that puts a lot of time and reserch also great deal of thought into your breeding program.i bean reading a lot of material into ppd,and if i was to treain a dog for that other then working gsd and malinos,my first choice of any bully breeds would be your dogs keep up the good work fraind in dogs NICK[/quote] The Bullies lines from our Kennel is a way that we find to not depend from pure lines of Bulldogs , like English Bullmastiff , American Bulldogs and Dogue de Bordeaux in the future. So we have been breeding those pure breeds to give the oportunity to born excellent individuals more qualify to our Standard and use them to back cross to the major old line based in Fila Brasileiro improvement. These is a cycle methods or strategy to breeding dogs. We have now a new litter to produce a Stud Females : 25% APBT % 25%E.Bullmastiff x 50% A.Bulldogs